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Explosive Ordnance Survivors

We (EONS) strive to see that those explosive ordnance survivors who have recovered satisfactorily and those still struggling to recover psychologically from the traumatic accident are provided a safe, enabling environment for progressive rehabilitation amongst each other.


Envisioning a future where explosive ordnance survivors live dignified fully integrated into society.


Is a little over 15 years since the guns fell silent in Northern Uganda, but the scars are still fresh for many victims and explosive ordnance survivors of the 20-year war.

Estimates of mine/ERW casualties in Uganda put it at 2,792 casualties (533 killed; 2,259 injured); by December 2016.

We formed this group not to comprehensively overcome all barriers but that we must be aware of, understand and seek to enable landmine and other explosive ordnance survivors to overcome them where possible – e.g. self-confidence, anxiety, market awareness, inclusion of psycho-social support appropriate to post-conflict situations, soft employability skills training to build work ethic, male inclusion in gender sensitivity and awareness activities to help foster wider societal change.

A study survey recently conducted revealed that more than 50 percent of explosive ordnance survivors only went to or continued with school courtesy of the generosity of NGOs working in the country.



Explosive Ordnance survivors social support, including peer support from other amputees, and the presence of emotional support outside the family, including friends, neighbours, and other community members is very critical.



We live in this climate of segregation and discrimination against Persons with Disabilities whom explosive ordnance survivors have become and advocacy on equality through building a local institutional capacity that addresses these issues through a multisector approach me be upheld.

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We believe that a Business Support Package overtime will improve the Survivors' economic self-sufficiency leading to stronger families and a break in the cycles of poverty.



lack of education is a major deterrent to recovery for Survivors. Unemployment and access to health services greatly affect explosive ordnance Survivor's economic situations making socio economic reintegration very difficult.



Explosive ordnance survivors like everyone should be able to live in an area of their choosing, cook and wash for themselves, access WASH facilities, make the choice not to live in under caretakers, go out to see friends and have them over. This is living dignified life as part of a community.

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Ban Mine Campaign

Uganda as a Party appears to be underperforming on its obligations especially pertaining Victim Assistance. Explosive ordnance
survivors continue to wear signature of war conspicuous in missing arm, foot,
lost sight, leg, and other body parts.



Ban Cluster Munition

Uganda as a Party appears to be underperforming on its obligations especially pertaining Victim Assistance. Explosive ordnance survivors continue to wear signature of war conspicuous in missing arm, foot, lost sight, leg, and other body parts.


Medical Rehabilitation

Explosive ordnance survivors received Medical attention such as surgery to extract remnants of explosions under the skin or correctional procedures heavily relying  on referral of patients to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital.  AVSI has been instrumental and is still actively supporting Gulu Regional Referral Hospital orthopedic department.

Assistive Device

We have had to rely on NGO support to assist  survivors with prosthesis and crutches for the last 15 years or so.


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Recent news of explosive ordnances being found, injuring and even killing people

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Bulkur Primary School host risk education awareness training ahead of term recess..

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“Ironically, reparations will only be awarded to only those victims directly linked to ongwen registered areas of operations…

eons ban mine

EONS had the privilege to host Amputee Self-help Network Uganda – ASNU an affiliate …


It is heartbreaking news livestock/cattle lost during the war is now being compensated and yet nothing is mentioned about explosive ordnance survivors’ plight.


Lost right foot and a baby brother riding on her back at 5 years from devastating landmines blast.


Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) a national non-governmental organization enhancing the socio-economic transformation of disadvantaged young people aged 10 -24 years

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Donation of bulls and oxplough is a catalyst with potential to upgrade the ability of 


The recent 2014 census show that disability in Uganda cannot be ignored….

housing for survivors

However, resettlement proved challenging due to a number of barriers to sustainable livelihoods in northern Uganda..

housing for survivors critical


The dream to study, qualify as a professional, work in government or private sector was taken away …

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87.1% of survivors have children in a survey carried out 2021; while the remaining 12.9% did not have children…

double amputee wielding

Double amputee survivor wheels the streets of Anaka Town Northern Uganda to do welding and Fabrications in one…

Survivors of explosive ordnance our home |Post war Uganda.

Amputee Technician making, repairing and replacing artificial limbs (Prosthesis) enabling every patients is afforded a pair shoes when they receive services at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital

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Exposure in the new environment had me contest in Miss Tourism where I became Northern Uganda Miss Tourism 2018…

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So purposefully our survivors network seeks to provide psychosocial and family …


Players with amputation were taught elbow crutches skills, warm up between cones, ball passing, ball control, and dribbling.


Outfielders may have two hands but only one foot. Goalies may have two legs, but only one hand. 


The East Africa Wheelchair Basketball Championship held October  17-20, 2019 at Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi…


One of his athletes, Ocira Richard (Racing Number: R32) became Uganda’s first ever Wheelchair Racer at the September 2018 Berlin Marathon…

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Uganda Wheelchair Basketball Association in association ….

eons sports

As a child studying in a  mainstream school Charles played ….

eons scholarship

Mary is second child in a family of 2 girls and 4 boys. Mary was born without any…

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Loss a limb an infant, five (5) years old going to fetch water at the well…


My qualification is squeaky clean but discrimination of persons with disabilities is loud …

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The FARE Activity event has been a success both in 2018 and #footballpeople football 2019…


Whether it is a traumatic injury from landmine blast, any explosive ordnances, vehicle accident, or any other; losing a limb is a life-changing event that one should not go through alone.


I have been applying for jobs including the local government but fall short. My qualification is squeaky clean but discrimination of persons with disabilities explosive ordnance survivors have been designated is loud in it all.

I have since started buying cereals and grain to sell to earn a living as I wait for the day my application finds a favourable consideration.


Social Worker


I am an explosive ordnance survivor, talented dancer, most times entertaining people with Acholi Traditional dances/songs for occasions and parties.

Exposure in the new environment had me contest in Miss Tourism where I became Northern Uganda Miss Tourism 2018.




Artist, Dancer, Saloonist, Athlete.


Oscar an explosive ordnance survivor opened the first welding workshop in Anaka Town in 2015, when there was no electricity. He has two workshops where he employs a couple of young men in Anaka town and Olwiyo Centre. Oscar is also a Councillor III Representative of Persons with Disabilities Olwiyo Sub County.


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