Who We Are


Explosive Ordnance Network Survivors (EONS) formerly Gulu Amuru Landmine Survivors Association (GALMSA) is a registered not-for-profit Organization founded by the landmine survivors in Gulu (then comprising of Amuru, Nwoya, Omoro, Gulu districts and Gulu City), northern Uganda in 2005. The organization has its office in Laroo-
Pece Division, Gulu City. The main reason for forming the organization was due to physical and psychosocial challenges that we faced as a result of getting a disability. Through the data collected at time by organizations working in mine action it was estimated that as 2006, over 800 people became victims of mines in the region hence making them become persons with disability. There are currently 286 registered members of the organization, but non-registered members were total up to 588 people/survivors. The Association membership constitutes more women than men and its leadership is having a woman as chairperson. Previous project implementation recorded women occupy several supervisory and active employment placement and we continue to take gender equality matter seriously in every project design. We formed this group not to comprehensively overcome all of these barriers but must be aware of, understand and seek to enable landmine survivors and other persons with disabilities to overcome them where possible – e.g. self-confidence, anxiety, market awareness, inclusion of psycho-social support appropriate to post-conflict situations, soft employability skills training to build work ethic, male inclusion in gender sensitivity and awareness activities to help foster wider societal change.


Living dignified fully integrated into society.


To Rehabilitate Survivors and Reduce economic challenges that limit our full potential integrating into society.

Executive Board

ordnance survivors

Piloya Monica

landmine survivors

Ageno Nancy

landmine victim

Oringa George

survivors & victims

Odong John Bosco

Akena Jimmy Obong

Akena Jimmy Obong

Laker Irene

Laker Irene Odwar


victim assistance

Stephen Okello